Aktieägarna i Three Gates AB (publ), 556842-4062, kallas härmed till extra bolagsstämma fredagen den 22 november 2019, klockan 13.00 i bolagets...
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Three Gates AB genomför företrädesemission om 24,6 Mkr, teckningsåtaganden uppgår till ca 8 Mkr

Detta pressmeddelande får inte offentliggöras, publiceras eller distribueras, vare sig direkt eller indirekt, i eller till USA, Kanada, Australien,...
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Uppdatering om Project Blue Book: The Game

Under de senaste veckorna har SuperScale och Three Gates arbetat tillsammans med att optimera user acquisition (”UA”) för Project Blue Book: the...
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Delårsrapport för perioden 1 januari 2019 till 30 juni 2019

Nettoomsättningen under delåret uppgick till 710 TSEK (1 133 TSEK). Omsättningen under andra kvartalet uppgick till 121 TSEK (92 TSEK). ...
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Three Gates AB förvärvar rättigheterna till Robloxspelet RuneCraft

Three Gates har förvärvat rättigheterna till Robloxspelet RuneCraft från Martin Ekdal Invest AB. RuneCraft är ett i stora delar färdigutvecklat spel...
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Three Gates AB senarelägger delårsrapporten för andra kvartalet

Styrelsen i Three Gates AB har beslutat att senarelägga rapporten för det andra kvartalet till fredagen den 30 augusti. Tidigare datum var satt till...
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Our team is inspired by the possibilities of the gaming frontier. We are looking to innovate and push the limits of new technical opportunities as well as derive creative and original solutions. Three Gates Studios is all about creating new and innovative games that engage players and deliver memorable experiences.


We are a group of experienced cross-disciplinary game development veterans. Before coming together in 2011 to focus on creating great games our team members have worked on a variety of projects from AAA games and large scale simulations to 3D visualization and animated films.


The mission of Three Gates Studios is to conceive, develop and produce high quality core gaming entertainment experiences that players cherish and distribute them in a variety of revenue models on a global scale.


Three Gates is always on the lookout for talented people that are intrinsically motivated to make great games. If you enjoy working with a group of dedicated team members to create great player experiences then feel free to contact us.

Three Gates is currently looking for two game programmers and there are three internship spots available for Summer 2019.

Current open positions

Game Programmer – Social Integration
Game Programmer – Gameplay
Internship – Graphic/Artist

Please submit your resume for review to



Three Gates Studios is always looking for new partners that have expertise and strength in publishing, monetization, distribution and have access to an established user base.

Three Gates AB