Three Gates 2017 Update

Three Gates currently has several different projects in late stages of development.
MainStream Fishing, Cash Cow, No Limit Golf and update for 8 to Glory are all in progress.

MainStream Fishing

MS Pic 2

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We are currently in a soft launch cycle for MainStream Fishing and are accumulating valuable data in preparation for full release. This release will be heavily coordinated with 8 to Glory and there will be cross-marketing between the two products.
8 to Glory

8 to Glory is currently undergoing a major update where we are adding a new 2017 campaign. We are also currently in negotiations with our partners to expand on 8 to Glory during 2017.

Cash Cow

Cash Cow has been received by bSpot and is currently in the last stages of integration into the bSpot gambling platform. We are looking forward to having the game fully published on the platform in the near future.

No Limit Golf

No Limit Golf production is in full swing and a large update was released on Jan 15th. We will be running demonstrating the full beta version of the game live at the Phoenix Open PGA Golf Tournament Feb 2-5 coordination with our partner Inov8 Golf.

Analysis on Redeye 2017-01-09

Three Gates attends NGM Live event

Roger Peleback CEO of NGM Nordic Growth Market started the day with an introduction of the fifteen companies that were presented during the program.
The program was hosted by analyst Peter Malmqvist that commented on each business and provided talks about the macroeconomics.
Three Gates CEO Don Geyer answered Peter Malmqvist’s questions as well as presented the company to both the live and online audiences.


Three Gates team attends Professional Bull Riders Final Event

What did Three Gates do during the Professional Bull Riders Finals?

We are continuing our work on the 8 to Glory title with updates planned for the game for 2017. One of the best ways is to attend the events. The Pro Bull Riders is gaining popularity and the 2016 was a record year for both event attendance and the ever growing and massive television audience which can be as high as 30 million viewers for some events. We are looking to deliver a quality game product for that audience as well as bring new audiences through the 8 to Glory game to the Pro Bull Riders.


There allot of activities that go on during the event including: marketing strategy meetings with the publishing partners, discussions with the PBR team about the game and future promotions, 3Dscannning of riders and bulls, 3D documenting of the finals arena, documenting the event as a whole for reference within the 8 to Glory game.

The Arena for the finals is a unique set-up so one of the main tasks we did was 3D scanning the arena.
We also filmed the special elements of the introduction show that are unique for the finals. As we move forward with the next version of 8 to Glory game we will make a more realistic experience including more real arenas and events.


Did Three Gates 3d scan any new riders?
Yes. We scanned some of the riders that we have not had a chance to scan. We also photo-documented more elements of the final event that we can incorporate into the game.

Mathias Andersson scaning rider Mathias Andersson scaning rider

Do you scan the bulls as well as the riders?
Yes, we take allot of reference information on the bulls so we can create realist bull skins within the game. The bulls also vary in size and often have very unique horns. It is important to get those bulls with their correct features when you add them into the game.

Three Gates attends Unite Los Angeles 2016

What is Unite LA?
Unite is a conference for developers hosted by Unity Technologies eight times yearly across the globe focused on their game engine Unity. The Los Angeles incarnation of the conference is the main focus for new announcements and talks for all areas of the engine which naturally makes it the obvious choice for Three Gates to attend.

Mathias Andersson And Kent Ljung coder from Three Gates atteding to Unite 2016 Mathias Andersson and Kenth Ljung, coders from Three Gates attending Unite LA 2016

Why Unite?
Three Gates has utilized the Unity game engine since the first beta version for PC and has since then developed a high level of expertise in using the engine in the best ways possible. To further and maintain this expertise it’s important to keep up on both the latest and future developments, which the Unite conference presents an excellent opportunity for.

What did we get out of it?
Unite provides plenty of opportunity to connect with fellow developers and engage with the Unity development team directly. The natural exchange of ideas that happens as a result of this is always beneficial for all parties involved. Talking to other developers about how they have solved identical problems with wildly different solutions provides perspective on how we work, and what we can do to improve not only our technical solutions but also our workflows and pipelines.

During the Unite obligatory roadmap session, Unity Technologies presented their short and long term plans for the engine, as well as answered plenty of questions from the audience. Being present at this session first hand provides not only a opportunity to query their lead engineers, but also a perfect stepping stone to begin adapting early to the engines new developments.

Mathias Anderson talking to the Unity development team Mathias Andersson talking to the Unity development team

Some of the newly announced and presented Unity functionality and third party plugins has the potential to save allot of work for us while at the same time improving our current and future products. A great example of this is the new “Timeline” animation system due to release with Unity 5.6 that will certainly improve both our workflows and the results.

Unity Technologies also announced full support for Xiaomi Market, including official support for Unity Ads for the Chinese market. This practically opens up the entire Chinese and Indian markets for western developers.

Three Gates attends the Professional Bull Riders event in San Jose, CA

What is a Professional Bull Riders Event?cbsPBR
Professional Bull Rider events are two or three days long, where the top 32 or 64 riders, depending on the tournament format, meet at an arena and compete. The competition entails riding a series of bulls for eight seconds to achieve the best judge’s scores. There are 32 BFTS, PBR Built Ford Tough Series events throughout the year. The rider with the most accumulated score becomes the world champion for that year.

How many people attend and watch these events on TV?
The events vary in size but are normally between twelve and twenty-five thousand attendees at each daily event. Many of the events are held in NHL Hockey Arenas but there are other types of venues such as outdoor stadiums. The events are growing more popular in the mainstream audience as noted by having successful events held in places like New York City, Las Vegas and Silicon Valley.

Pro Bull Riding’s popularity is growing on TV and receives a favorable time on Sundays on the popular CBS Sports Network in the US. The latest ratings can be as high as 30 million viewers for a televised event.


Are Professional Bull Riding events only popular in the US?

Fearless now available on Netflix Fearless now available on Netflix

The US is the largest audience but Brazil is a very close second. Other countries that bull riding is popular in are: Canada, Mexico, Argentina, New Zealand and Australia. Bull riding is a very popular sport in Brazil. In Brazil, bull riding and rodeo attract the largest live-event attendance of any sport, and bull riding is the second-most popular sport on television. You can watch more about bull riding in Brazil as well as other countries in the popular Netflix series Fearless.


Pelle 3D scanning Jared Allen - Rare Labs Scottsdale Arizona Pelle 3D scanning Jared Allen – Rare Labs Scottsdale Arizona


What does Three Gates do when they attend a PBR event?

One of the main reasons to attend an event is to 3D scan riders or bulls. We also capture reference material for building 3D objects within the arena. We like to get a lot of live footage of everything from the actual rides to managing the bulls behind the scenes. This footage is great to have for reference when reimagining the event in a 3D game environment.

It is also important to meet and plan with the PBR management team for new releases within the game to synchronize them with current event schedules for the live PBR events.


What is future plans does Three Gates have for the 8 to Glory game title?

Pelle - San Jose event Pelle – San Jose event

During the San Jose event we released an update of some new riders and content in 8 to Glory mobile title. We are still planning with our partners and the PBR what is the best way to maintain and update the game and what other platforms might be interesting for 8 to Glory. We are definitely looking forward to adding more new additions to the 8 to Glory title.

PBR San Jose event PBR San Jose event

Three Gates invited to Steam Dev Days

Three Gates had two representatives that attended Steam Dev Days on October 12 – 13 in Seattle, Washington.

What is Steam Dev Days?
Steam Dev Days is an event held by Valve where developers that have publishing status on the Steam distribution platform are invited from all over the world so Valve can present their new technologies and strategies for the next year.
No press or outsiders are invited to the event it is strictly for developers.

What were some of the technologies Valve presented?
Valve presented their new controller device update as well as the link streaming device. The Link streaming device is used to stream Steam games from a pc to your television. This allows players to use their pc like a console to play their current library of Steam games on the television using controllers. They also presented their VR Lighthouse base stations and VR controllers.


Why is it important to attend events like Steam Dev Days?
Attending events that present the overarching strategies of large publishers allows developers like Three Gates to get inside information. This helps developers to stay ahead of the curve so they can plan and time future products for new technologies as they come out.

Pello Boström, Coder Three Gates AB showing VR goodies Pello Boström, Coder Three Gates AB showing VR goodies

What is the VR base station Lighthouse?
The VR base station Lighthouse is a steam product that you can install throughout your house, office or any space that helps VR calculate positional and rotational tracking. Valve wants to make these devices as standard as wifi in the years to come. These devices can enable high quality VR experiences through large physical spaces as well as allow for more robust and accurate VR experiences.

Does Three Gates plan on using any of the new technologies?
Yes, Three Gates is looking closely at VR and also incorporating the Lighthouse base station system. Steam has agreed to license the tracking system for free to its developers so we think there is a good opportunity moving forward to incorporate the system into future products. We also believe we have current projects that would adapt very well into the VR format and are pursuing those opportunities.

Three Gates Nyhetsbrev – 6 september 2016

Lansering av 8 to Glory

Lanseringen av 8 to Glory, det officiella spelet från Pro Bull Riders Association (PBR), har inletts och spelet är nu tillgängligt för nedladdning via Apple App Store och Google Play Store. PBR har postat några inlägg om spelet i sociala medier, men har i övrigt hållit låg profil i väntan på att spelets integritet och skalbarhet testas. Så långt har testningen gått bra och responsen från spelarna har varit mycket bra, så vi är förväntansfulla inför eskaleringen av marknadsföringen av spelet under de två kommande månaderna, som kommer att kulminera i samband med PBR-finalen i Las Vegas 2-5 november. Vi kommer att gå ut med mer information om lanseringen av 8 to Glory i samband med att handeln av Three Gates aktie inleds.

Information om PBR-finalen

Se den officiella speltrailern via Facebook:

Nedladdning av spelet via Google Play Store

Nedladdning av spelet via Apple iOS Store

Anslutning till Euroclear och registrering av nya aktier

Anslutningen till Euroclear och registreringen av de nya aktierna från IPO:n är färdig och distributionen av aktierna till aktieägarna är påbörjad. Aktierna kan komma att levereras i två omgångar för de aktieägare som deltagit i både pre-IPO och IPO. Samtliga aktier bör vara levererade till respektive konto inom de närmaste dagarna.

Listningen vid NGM MTF

Bolaget har varit i kontinuerlig kommunikation med NGM om listningen under de senaste två veckorna och vi har fått positiv återkoppling. Three Gates ansökan om listning kommer att behandlas på nästa möte med NGMs noteringskommitté och vi förväntar oss att kunna publicera ett slutgiltigt listningsdatum inom kort.

Tack för att ni följer oss och testa gärna 8 to Glory!

Don Geyer, VD Three Gates AB

Information angående listning hos NGM och aktieöverföring till personliga konton

Som vi angav i vår senaste press release så planerar vi att lista hos NGM.

För närvarande arbetar vi med de sista detaljerna och hoppas att vi inom kort kan tillkännage listningsdatum. Vi arbetar även med de sista detaljerna kring Euroclear och aktierna kommer överföras till personliga konton inom kort.